Peach Pound Cake

Peach Pound Cake

From the August edition of my column at The Arc:

Did you make that pound cake?” Noah asked. “If we were married I’d be so fat.”

Noah and I had never discussed marriage. In fact, we had never discussed anything. He was the new waiter, I was the Pastry Chef, Peach Pound Cake was the Special. And since I already had a husband and I’d been up since 3 AM I just raised my eyebrows, and nodded.

Noah looked worried by my silence. “That probably sounded weird.” He stammered, I smiled: “I didn’t mean…I’m sorry…I just meant it was really good.”

“I know what you meant. Would you like another piece?”

“Yes, thank you.” And he held out his plate.

For the full recipe and directions please visit:

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