Challah-Proofing Stage

The following is from my April column at The Arc:

Challah: dark crusted, beautifully braided, richly eggy and slightly sweet. My favorite bread by far. As wondrously soft as Wonder bread, as cultured and as satisfying as a croissant.

Challah is traditionally made on Fridays for the Jewish Sabbath. While I’m not Jewish and I don’t keep a Sabbath, I do make Challah (pronounced ‘halla’) every Friday. For me, there is ritual and relaxation, and even something mildly spiritual in the process.

Challah is one of the easiest and most elegant yeast breads you can made. There is no mystery in the process, only a mild amazement and pleasant satisfaction at what it is possible to make out of little more than flour and water.

For the rest of the story, including my recipe, go to:

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