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Posted in On The Food Business on January 19, 2009 by feastsupperclub

Feast Catering & Events are an effort to merge a food business and a food community.  The menus for our private events and weddings evolve as an expression of our clients’ tastes and experiences.  Private events, especially weddings and birthday parties, are about realizing and helping you share yourself with your guests through  personalized food and flavors.

With Supper Club events we prepare a menu that excites us and a casual dining space, if only for the evening, where we we can step out of the kitchen share a glass of wine and five minutes before preparing the next course.  I view the Supper Club like I would a party in my home: I think of you as my friends, as many of you firmly have become,  and I hope you will think of me as yours.

Eat happily & stay in touch.


Chef, Feast & Feast Supper Club.